El Bruc

El Bruc site, is 700 ha wide, located at an elevation of 450-500 m corresponding mainly to private properties. Its climate is Mediterranean, with a precipitation average of 666 mm/y, 46 average days of rain, and more than 3 dry months. This area went under a natural fire in 2015 which burnt 1000 ha, and formerly in 1986, thus it presents high level of degradation: soil erosion and land abandonment. However, it represents a protection and connection corridor for the Montserrat-Roques Blanques-riu Llobregat SCI (code ES5110012), an emblematic area with a high touristic, aesthetic and ecologic value.A restoration plan included the afforestation with a mosaic of agricultural and forest species using the Cocoon ecotechnology.


SCI code: ES5110012